Saturday, January 15, 2011

Secret Books, Secret Codes

In Case You Missed It

Codex: A Novel, Lev Grossman, Harvest Books, 2005
If you like books and secrets - or, better yet, secrets encoded in lost, antique books hidden in secret, antique libraries - you will thoroughly enjoy this intriguing, hard-to-put-down thriller about a hunt for a missing codex (book) and the devastating secret it conceals. Codex shares some themes and imagery with Grossman's later book, The Magicians, but it is tauter and, in the conclusion, more hopeful. In her 2004 review, the author and critic Caroline Leavitt aptly describes the story as a "Chinese puzzle" with its mysterious and intricately connected pieces.

For: Literary Thriller Fans, Suspense-loving Librarians and Archivists, and the occasional Video Gamer

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