Friday, February 11, 2011

FridayReads Modern Love Anthology for book lovers

You did tweet/post your FridayRead, didn't you? if not, go do it right now, because you will not want to miss the FridayReads Modern Love Anthology for book lovers, a free, downloadable gift to everyone who participates!

This fabulous mini-ebook from Shelf Unbound magazine features short stories and a poem about love, but with a distinctly "indie" flavor (i.e., not your bodice-ripping dimestore romance novel kinda love.) I don't want to give too much away by way of review, but I loved reading these selections and getting to know some excellent, new (to me) authors and publishers.

My personal favorite was The Cartographer's Girl (from How They Were Found, Matt Bell), in which a mapmaker grieves his sleepwalking girlfriend's disappearance, placing symbols of the places and moments of their relationship on a map of the city. How do you make a map of a broken heart? And if you can, will it bring back a lost love?

I also especially enjoyed the short but powerful Shoo, Shoo, (from John Jodzio, If You Lived Here You'd Already Be Home). It's so succinct I can hardly say anything about without spoiling it, but was impressed by how much action and emotion could be so vividly expressed in so few words. The mini-book also includes the fun, surprising poem Love In An Ice Cream Truck, by Erica Miriam Fabri, the quirky-yet-poignant short story A Doll's Tale from Kate Bernheimer, and Reading Rilke, a short story from Adam Gallari.

If you still need to collect your prize, post (on the FridayReads Facebook page) or tweet (use the hashtag #fridayreads) your read, then head over to the FridayReads blog and download your own free copy of the FridayReads Modern Love Anthology for book lovers. Enjoy it! And share in the comments below which stories you particularly liked, or if you discovered some new authors you'll be looking out for. Would love to hear what you thought.

Thank you to Bethanne Patrick @thebookmaven, Margaret Brown @ShelfMagazine, and Erin Mitchell @erinfaye for coordinating this week's special FridayReads.

Happy reading :)


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