Saturday, March 12, 2011

AM/PM - Amelia Gray (a micro review of more stories in miniature)

AM/PM, Amelia Gray, featherproof books, 2009

AM/PM is a slim, innovative collection of micro-stories, many only one or two paragraphs long. The stories are intriguing - each vignette funny, poignant, or sometimes just quirky. I truly admired the author's skill - she can say an awful lot in very few words. That being said, the overall effect can feel disjointed (though I got used to it partway through), so this will not be a book for a reader who prefers a traditional story arc, wants characters to fall in love with, or who is uncomfortable with ambiguity. An interesting read, recommended for true indiephiles or short story afficionados.

Happy reading!

Indie Challenge Read #3


  1. I love the idea of a "mini" story! I can appreciate a short snippet here and there. I guess it would be great to read at work, because you never have to pick up where you left off really, on to the next story!

  2. So true! You really could enjoy these anywhere, and however many you had time for. Thanks for the visit!


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