Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three Good Things, Part Deux

There is so much exciting fiction to be found online or outside of traditional book publishing, such as online literary journals, and writers nurturing their own (or others' ) writing on their blogs and websites. In the second installment of what I hope will become a regular feature, I'd like to offer highlights of just a few writerly things I've recently read and loved, and hope you will enjoy, too.

1. Trigger: a brand new, biannual online art/literary mag from StatusHat Publications. Trigger's debut issue pairs eight artists with eight writers, whose initial creations become the "triggers" for another artist or writer's response: Art inspires writing inspires art. It's a wonderful concept, and the results are surprising and delightful. If you click on a contributor's name in the table of contents (for example, Steven Brown ) you will see a link to Brown's poem "Be Right Back" and Meagan Dye's artistic response. Next you see a link for Brown's poem "house of the vitruvian man" and the art (by Russie Wight-Waltman) that inspired it. The literary pieces include short stories as well as poetry. Look for the "read more" and keep clicking. It is rather fun to see where you end up. 

2.This Introduction to Tiny Hardcore Press and its recently published book So They Know It's Me (by Brian Oliu) over at the LitPub. Well, there were several things I liked about this post. I liked learning more about Tiny Hardcore Press ("The 'Tiny' in Tiny Hardcore Press is literal. Our books will fit in your pocket or your purse or your hand. They will most definitely fit in your heart."). I loved reading about Oliu's book - the description itself is beautifully written - and I was intrigued by the concept: a collection of lyric essays, each originally posted on Craigslist's Missed Connections, designed to vanish. Straight to my to-be-read list. (And then of course I started clicking around over at the LitPub, where a gal can find any number of writers/books/ideas to distract her.)

3. Finally, I enjoyed the poem "Repairs" by Gareth Spark over at Used Furniture Review in which the hot, dry, overwhelming disrepair of a yard mirrors the disrepair of the heart.

Happy reading- would love to know what you think!


  1. Will have to check out Trigger--it sounds great!


  2. Carmela, hope you enjoy it! Love to hear what you think.


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