Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Good Things

There is so much exciting fiction to be found online or outside of traditional book publishing, such as online literary journals, and writers nurturing their own (or others' ) writing on their blogs and websites. In what I hope will become a regular feature, I'd like to offer highlights of just a few writerly things I've recently read and loved, and hope you will enjoy, too.

1. This interview with Sarah Rose Etter at The Collagist about her short story Men Glass - In "Men Glass", Tina seduces and collects the objects of her affection and keeps them behind a plexiglass panel where she can love them comfortably from afar, where their annoyances and offenses cannot spoil the adoration she feels for them. In the interview, the author talks about the inspiration for the story:
"I fall in love with fifteen men walking down the city sidewalk on any given day. But the minute they open their mouths or eat carrots, everything is ruined."
2. This excerpt from J.A. Pak's novella Sealskin on Fictionaut - a story of love, heartbreak, revenge, curses, and healing. An excerpt from the excerpt (go read the rest)- 
"Perhaps a curse would work better, he suggested. There were many kinds of curses. Curses involving love, business, health. Curses that burn slowly, ate the soul like corrosive acid. Or makes one hungry, so hungry the soul is driven mad. Or, he suggested, you can forget about him and everything you know and come home with me."
3. Lena Sledge's Poetry Contest and Interview with Nikki Giovanni. Poets and poetry lovers are invited to visit Lena's blog and to submit a poem this month (no entry fee, prize for the winner who will be chosen by readers.) Lena has also interviewed the renowned poet Nikki Giovanni, and will be posting segments of the interview throughout the month. The interview and the first round of contest entries are lovely so far - looking forward to more.

Would love to know what you think of these three good things and the feature as a whole! Thanks for checking it out, and happy reading!


  1. Oooh, nice links! The excerpt for the first cracked me up -- hilarious! And then I squealed over Nikki Giovanni. My wife and I used some of her poetry as our wedding vows -- she's a long favorite.

  2. Thanks so much Audra- so glad you enjoyed them!(can't help but crack up every time I think about the carrots ;D).

  3. Thanks for the links! I'd real Seal Skin, but now heading over to the other two.

  4. Exactly -- it's that carrot detail that pushes it over the edge to hilarious/awesome.

  5. This is fantastic. I might begin to tally men I fall in love with and see if I can get up to fifteen!

  6. I love the excerpt from Men Glass, enticing me to read it. Thank you for stopping by and posting about the poetry contest. I humbly thank you, I want people to come read the fantastic poems on the blog this month, some are new and were hesitant and some are seasoned. So they need supporters. Plus, those supporters will need to vote for them in th end so they can win the prize.

    Thanks again for bringing attention to it this month. It is much appreciated.

  7. Jaye, too funny! Thanks so much for checking it out. Lena, glad you enjoyed the story - the poetry month is a wonderful project, so encouraging for the poets and their lovely work.

  8. And Audra, the carrot thing also makes me laugh because the kids do it, similar considerations to the is this love question apply here as well ;D. LitEndeavors glad you got to enjoy Seal Skin, love JA's writing!


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