Monday, September 12, 2011

Odds 'n Ends

Hope everyone's Fall is off to a great start! August turned out to be a bit of a blur around here, what with kids home, travel, LitStack launching etc. It's been so great to have everyone back in school, to start getting back into a routine, and to start catching up.

I'm so excited to host a number of author Q&A's on the blog this month. Tara Woolpy, author of Releasing Gillian's Wolves, was my guest last week.  Releasing Gillian's Wolves tells the story of a woman, the ultimate supportive political spouse, whose husband's betrayal finally forces her to choose between staying or forging a life of her own. Her book is a thoughtfully written, enjoyable and romantic read and it was wonderful to hear her perspective on political spouses in the media today, the rewards and challenges of self-publishing, growing up in a political family, and more.

Coming up tomorrow, I'm delighted to welcome Craig Machen, writer for film and television (MTV's Wasted, Summerland with Zac Efron) and author of Still Life With Brass Pole. Still Life is a frank, funny and heartfelt memoir of misspent youth and personal redemption, and in his interview Craig talks candidly and humorously about his experience as well as writing and parenthood. Next week, thriller writer extraordinaire Jason McIntyre joins the blog to introduce his new novella and share his thoughts on scary stories, writing dangerously, and self-publishing success (his work has been downloaded more than 100,000 times). Please drop by to learn more about the authors and their work, say hello and/or ask questions.

LitStack is in its second month now - with reviews of books in many genres, book news, and author interviews, there is something there for every reader.  I was thrilled to read and review So You Know It's Me, by Brian Oliu (Tiny Hardcore Press, 2011) and literary publications Specter Literary Magazine , Shelf Unbound Magazine, and Hayden's Ferry Review among others.

What does Fall have in store for you - what reads are you looking forward to, what new and exciting projects are coming up? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Wishing a very happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week to all my wonderful blogging colleagues, and happy reading!


  1. Marie of Boston Bibliophile mentioned you in a blog post and followed the link here. Thanks

  2. So nice to meet you, thanks for hopping over. Your blog looks wonderful, am following.

  3. Welcome to fall. I hope the weather is becoming civilized and lovely where you're at.

  4. Thanks, Jaye - you too! So nice to have the rain gone, looks more like autumn is supposed to :D

  5. I love fall, it's my most favorite season of the year.

    P.S. Check out my post for BBAW.... Hmmmm I think you may be in my post.....*wink, wink*

  6. LOL, thanks Lena- you're the best. Hope everyone is checking out your wonderful blog at


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