Saturday, October 29, 2011


Happy Halloween, friends! One of my favorite times of year, and maybe yours, too. Hope you are enjoying the spirit of the holiday ... and not shoveling snow :(.  I know it's been a bit quiet here this week... but Stuff Is Happening. Really! It is!

As you may know, I have come to love mixing literary magazines in with my other reading- it adds some much needed spice and excitement (it's such a great way to sample new writers and different writing styles.) A few new litmag articles are up over on my SpotLit column at LitStack: the most recent is my q&a with the editors of Swamp Lily Review, a lovely new online journal of Louisiana literature and arts. I loved learning more about their vision and the writers and artists featured in their debut issue. In The Snake magazine is also a new online litmag featuring short stories, with a mission to reach new and seasoned readers alike. Their October issue offered a wonderful collection of four delightful, accessible stories, which I review here. Don't miss the many, many other wonderful articles and reviews up over at LitStack, including some good Halloweeny ones this past week, such as Lisa Emig on Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree, and Tee Tate on the Graves of Famous Writers.

I'm very excited about some upcoming reads, reviews, and projects - I read and loved Elissa Schappell's new short story collection, Blueprints for Building Better Girls (it is the kind of book you urge on your very best girlfriends.) Look for the review soon on LitStack. Am currently reading Bradford Morrow's new collection The Uninnocent. The stories are dark and wonderful. Caitlyn Horrocks' This is Not Your City is up next after that. On a completely different note, a few blogging and writing colleagues and I are conspiring about a collaborative post a little closer to the holidays! I won't tell you about it yet, but it should be a whole lot of fun.

Finally, will be back here on the blog tomorrow for Story Sunday - have a great one picked out for you, and can't wait to share! Please come check it out.

What are you reading or excited about reading? What fun projects are on the horizon? And most importantly, what will you (or kids) be for Halloween!

May the Great Pumpkin bring you lots of Halloween goodness....



  1. My eyes lit up at your mention of Ray Bradbury. Popped over to read Lisa's review and loved it. The three books you've recommended sound excellent as well.

    Hope you have a great Halloween!

  2. So glad you enjoyed Lisa's piece! So much fun- thanks for the kind words, have a wonderful Halloween as well!

  3. The title Uninnocent is very unique, it's a tongue twister too. I love Halloween too, I especially seeing all the really small kids that come to the door saying Trick or Treat, they look so adorable in their costumes.

    Boo to you to! :-) Happy Halloween.

  4. Yes, that is oddly hard to say. I love the word, too- not exactly guilty... but not innocent. Hope you have a fun and fabulous Halloween! Enjoy :D

  5. nice pumpkins!! cute! happy halloweeen!


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