Sunday, October 16, 2011

Story Sundays: Weimaraner by Kate Lorenz

"Weimaraner", by Kate Lorenz (The Collagist, October, 2011)
Then it was clear to Kathleen and, despite his numerous shortcomings, she disagreed with his decision not to love her anymore.
"Weimaraner" is a funny and ultimately poignant short story about Kathleen, a young woman clinging to a seemingly doomed relationship. Her boyfriend, Jack, doesn't leave the door unlocked for her even though he knows she's coming. He goes on a cruise (er, honeymoon trip?) with his ex-fiancee and brings Kathleen back a cheap souvenir. He says "ironic" things that Kathleen knows really aren't. And he gets a dog, a Weimaraner, to which he knows Kathleen is allergic.

When Jack "tenderly" hands her some Benadryl, she takes it - but drops the accompanying glass of water in a bush.

Your first reaction may be to swoop in and intervene. Kathleen, girlfriend, it is so obvious he is a jerk, why are you hanging around for this? But reading closely, you realize it isn't quite so simple. Kathleen knows, why hasn't she left? She may be hurt, and stuck - but she's also stubborn, and angry. She drifts close to danger. Lorenz's humor and suspense kept me hanging on right up to the end.

And if you, too, want to know, dear reader, you will have to go read the story.

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Story Sundays was created at Fat Books and Thin Women. Thank you to Shivanee Ramlochan of Novelniche: A Place for Books for bringing this weekly meme to my attention and encouraging me to participate. As you know, I love short stories and hope to join in more often. From Novelniche:
"Story Sundays is a weekly feature that seeks to prompt and share discussion on, as well as promote reading of, short stories, which we believe are an underrated source of fictional enjoyment and insight. All stories discussed will be available to read online, for free...The full list of stories covered so far at Fat Books and Thin Women can be found here."
Happy reading!


  1. Jennifer, you're very welcome! I'm thrilled you've decided to take part in the Story Sundays feature, and I hope this fine post is the first of many (but, you know, no pressure)! While I was reading 'Weimaraner', I thought, ' many women find themselves in this precise, galling position -- they know it is galling, and beneath them, and yet they stay, all the same.' It's not that they're pathetic (though perhaps sometimes, that is case, but not with Kathleen, and not with most women, I think...) -- a whole host of more subtle, intricate things are usually teeming beneath the surface, wouldn't you say? Lorenz brings this out so beautifully and crisply, making it a pleasure to read on many levels. Thank you for bringing this evocative short story to my attention! :)

  2. I love short stories. This one sounds interesting, I'm wondering now why hasn't Kathleen left. If she knows Jack is a jerk, it's gotta be darn good reason to stay. Do tell, do tell.

  3. Ooooh. I just clicked on the link and the story is free. Bout to go read it. Thanks.

  4. Thanks so much - hope you enjoy it, Lena!


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