Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Uninnocent - Bradford Morrow

The Uninnocent, Bradford Morrow, Pegasus Books LLC, Release date December 2011
“When Margot died, a dark maw rose before me, a somber shaft into which I tramped, wanting never to return.” – from “Lush”
This is not a book for the faint of heart. The Uninnocent of Bradford Morrow’s new short fiction collection are manipulators, thieves, and even murderers – and they are the narrators of the stories themselves.  Morrow tells their stories skillfully and suspensefully, carefully unfolding each one to ultimately reveal these lost souls at their cores. We readers might be tempted to call such characters The Guilty – but the first person point of view takes us inside their heads, deliberately drawing us deep into their twisted psychologies, despite our better judgment.

All the stories are ominous and disturbing, all well written, each with its own chilling twist. I found the collection as a whole to be quite excellent, and highly recommend it for readers who enjoy intelligent, dark, and very unsettling stories.

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Happy reading!

(I received a complimentary e-version of The Uninnocent from Open Road Media via NetGalley)


  1. Oh -- sounds twisted in the best way! I will have to pick this up for the grim winter months when I like to be chilled!

  2. Er, I didn't mean to pun just then! 'Chilled' as in creepied out, rather than cold. :)

  3. LOL! :D "chilled" works either way! You probably would enjoy them- they reminded me of Poe and DuMaurier and Shirley Jackson (whom, if I recall, you like).

  4. I really enjoy short stories. Especially gritty ones.


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