Saturday, December 10, 2011

Three Good Things Mixology

On its best days, the twitterverse reminds me of a really good cocktail party... the kind with sparkling guests, scintillating conversation, great mood and music, mixed drinks and passed h'ors d'oeuvres... ( those kind of parties actually happen in real life? or are they only in books and movies?) Anyway, three good things (and a few more) today to mix up and enjoy:

Two parts conversation

Atticus Books' Six Degrees Left series brings writers together in a roundtable-like discussion to consider topics such as the relevance of MFA programs and the Occupy movement/social responsibility and the writing community. So interesting to hear the range of very thoughtfully expressed opinions.

Over at Hayden's Ferry Review's blog, another discussion, this one about the role of small/independent presses - are they more than just a "stepping stone" to the "big time?" I have my own humble opinions about why small/independent presses are important in their own right, but these folks say it far more eloquently.

+ One part imagination*

I loved Marcus Speh's short story "Fox" over at Necessary Fiction this week - this little story is fantastical, charming and childlike -it has a fairy tale quality about it- with a surprising turn. I read it several times, liking it better and better with every reading. The post includes an equally enchanting personal note from the author and sketch by his daughter.

Garnish with an olive or a twist**

Stamp Stories, from Mudluscious Press These sound very cool. "Stamp Stories are texts of 50 words or less, printed on 1×1 cardstock, & shipped free from participating presses." Mudluscious has collected and compiled these miniature stories from 100 authors into one bound volume.

Hoot, now in its third issue, is a mighty bite of a literary magazine on a postcard. The writing really is quite excellent and the postcards are gorgeous (and witty), too. Designed to be shared, Hoot would make a fabulous holiday gift for a writer or lover of literary fiction and poetry. You can also enjoy Hoot online (I loved Nick Sanford's "Incompatability" in the online December issue).

What good things are you reading? Share in the comments.

*Sundays are (usually) all about short fiction here on the blog. The Story Sundays weekly meme was created by Ellen at Fat Books, Thin Women and is also celebrated at Novelniche: A Place for Books. Be sure to check out their blogs for wonderful short fiction selections and other excellent reviews. All stories reviewed can be read free online.

** Liberties have been taken, and these directions will not actually result in a proper martini. If you want one, I recommend you look elsewhere.


  1. I'm reading Perfect Peace by Daniel Black. It's really intriguing so far. Can't wait to finish. Love the post and the comparison to a cocktail. Nice.

  2. Thanks, Lena. Wow- just went and looked up your read- that does sound intriguing! Will look forward to hearing your thought on it!


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