Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thirty Photos - Confessions

Day 4: Confessions.

Today was a blur of work and errands - so how lovely to have the kids in swim lessons for an hour this evening.  I would like to say I spent that hour taking arty photos, perhaps like the following:

.... but really I sat quietly and read Vanity Fair, a guilty pleasure read if ever there is one. The kind full of ridiculous celebrity gossip and clever snippets and gorgeous photography and pretty perfume samples. The kind that gives you notions like how lovely it would be if someone came around with trays of trendy cocktails and hot hors d'oeuvres for all the waiting moms and dads. Wouldn't it? I think it would. Someone get right on that.


  1. Don't feel guilty! You can always say you were trolling for creative ideas for your next photo shoot.

    1. Ha! Thanks :D The photography is pretty inspiring, which is probably the only good reason to spend time with that magazine, IMHO.

  2. Love the first one, because I love sitting and staring up into ceilings and getting lost in architectural patterns. :)


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