Thursday, February 21, 2013

Books & Tea

I love discovering off-the-beaten path books and new-to-me authors, and I'm so excited to have stumbled upon Mark Powell's The Dark Corner (University of Tennesee Press, 2012) while book browsing recently online. It's off to a strong start - opening with the startling image of a preacher who fails to take his own life, The Dark Corner considers the spiritual and societal challenges of our times - the new economy, development, the environment, and war. I was delighted to discover the novel is largely set in the Appalachian region of South Carolina, a neighboring state, and even more delighted to discover a lovely and talented acquaintance included in the acknowledgments.

Paired here with a milky-yet-bracing Earl Grey in my favorite new mug.

[Please note the following correction - I incorrectly identified north Georgia as the novel's setting in the original post.]


  1. Keep me posted on this one. It sounds good.

  2. It's great finding random books, right? And even better when they turn out to be awesome. Glad that you're enjoying yours, it does sounds good.


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