Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Replacement Life - Boris Fishman

My Sunday Sentence this week from A Replacement Life, by Boris Fishman (HarperCollins 2014)

"Isn't. Verbiage was missing. In Russian, you didn't need the adjective to complete the sentence, but in English, you did. In English, she could still be alive."

Loved this moving novel considering the complicated nature of truth, history, fiction, family, inheritance and justice - left me a bit teary and incredibly glad to have read it.

Sunday Sentence is a weekly meme hosted by David Abrams over at The Quivering Pen.
I borrowed my copy of A Replacement Life from my local library. Happy reading!


  1. Ohhhh wow. That sentence is really intense. Jeez, how beautiful. I don't know anything about this book, but just that excerpt is making me look into it!

    1. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it! Loved this sentence (er, small collection of sentences) - captured so much about the story - grief, love, heritage. Look forward to your thoughts on the book :D

  2. That's a very interesting sentence. This book sounds intense and wonderful.

  3. Popping by, at a creepily late date, just to say hi. Am trying to get back to visiting my favorite blogs -- hope things are well with you!


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